Fri, Jan

The Funny Truthfulness of Twitter

Sometimes, someone on the net predicts a future trend…and I can’t help but laugh at its near-perfect accuracy (at least, in the humble opinion of this history teacher & poli sci grad).

maggie little pic.jpg

Twitter is a curious beast. Sometimes, I find its instantaneous ability to react to an event quite stunning. Other times, I find it irritating (and mentally draining) to discover how many people believe that their most banal & idiotic daily tasks require communication to the outside world with the electronic equivalent of a megaphone.

Most of the time, reading twitter convinces me that the world is too full of fools for its own good. However, on occasion, there is fascinating prescience.

Below you will find a graph that contemplates the twitter reaction to the possible news of former UK Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher’s death…whenever that day may come. I have no doubt that this is exactly what will occur in the days following that event…though only time will confirm it…

thatcher graph.jpg