Thu, Oct

Debate 3: This time, I'M MAD AS HELL

My reaction to last night’s debate? OH MY GOD! Where do I begin?

A-The Rights Rant

For the first time watching the debates, I was equally disappointed in both the President and Senator Kerry…and so utterly thankful that Canada is the greatest nation on this Earth.

President Bush was asked, point-blank, if he believed homosexuality may or may not be a choice. He said “I don’t know.”

He said it with a bemused smile — and I wanted to throw something at the TV. It was the most sanctimonious, pathetic thing I have ever heard pass his lips.

Could he possibly think that anyone would CHOOSE a life of being hated, being degraded, being discriminated against? This is the man who supported A CONSTITUTIONAL AMMENDMENT to limit the rights of his own citizens…simply because they were gay! The man is a bigot: a hateful, spiteful bigot.

When Senator Kerry was asked the same question, he responded that he knew of people who struggled with their identity, but his answer eventually degenerated into a discussion of discrimination in the work place. He also stated that the States were more than capable of handling affairs such as anti-gay discrimination and gay marriage on their own.


Meanwhile, state after state is continuing to pass laws that discriminate and marginalize against gays and lesbians. Louisiana might as well be considered a state that sanctions hate crimes at this point. His own state of Massachusetts is an aberration in a wave of anti-gay sentiment. I hate to say this, but I believe Senator Kerry is a bigot as well: a well intentioned, moderate bigot, too afraid to acknowledge and protect the human rights of a sizeable portion of the American population.

Who will be next? Which group will be the next one to be marginalized? At this moment, I live in a country where gays and lesbians are absolutely equal to everyone else, in everything they can do, across 5 provinces and one territory. The Supreme Court of Canada is one step away from telling the government to get off its ass and confirm this once and for all, for all Canadians. Nearly forty years after Pierre Trudeau said the government has “no business in the bedrooms of the nation”, it is at last on the doorstep of becoming reality.

Canada is, as far as I’m concerned, the most tolerant, harmonious, peace-loving nation on this planet. I watch the sad and frightening replies of the debate participants above, and I can only weep for the United States…and the dark path they continue to travel.

B-The Economic Rant

Kerry said that the President lecturing him about the economy is akin to Tony Soprano lecturing him about law & order. Truer words were never spoken.

These two men are arguing about raising the minimum wage of the United States of America to $7.00 an hour!!!!!

This astonishing point leads me to think about two things:

  • How the hell can anyone live in the largest economy on Earth and survive on LESS than $7.00 an hour?!?

  • Stupid question….over 30 million Americans live below the poverty line. Obviously, many MANY people DON’T SURVIVE!

Not once did I hear a plan to fight poverty in the United States, from either candidate. It would seem such people — the indigent, the unwanted, and the unworthy — can go rot in hell.

If these figures aren’t scary enough, listen to the President’s policy on illegal immigration across the American border:

  • No amnesty;

  • New identity cards, to assist in the creation of a class of guest workers that will, according to Bush, be treated HUMANELY!

Does this man really want the United States to become like Saudi Arabia? Create a population of people who can only work in the USA, but never settle there? Create a class of people who have the opportunity to prop up the massive juggernaut that is the American economy, without enjoying any of the benefits or privileges? Create a mass of disposable people to do the dirty, underpaid, manual work no one else wants to do?

Isn’t this a well-worn path that culminated in a civil war 150 years ago?

And while I’m ranting my head off on economic idiocy, why does Mr. Bush continue to claim that his billion/trillion/gazillion dollar tax cuts benefited the lower and middle classes much more than the upper class? Is he still drinking? Every statistician in the United States could produce numbers to contradict his ridiculous claims! Mr. Kerry advocates a pay-as-you-go system of managing the nation’s finances. Bushie Junior thinks pay-as-you-go means pay-off-your-rich-supporters-as-you-go!

3-The Unity Rant

Both candidates were asked about the divisions in America today. I believe Mr. Kerry had one of the few golden moments of the evening by complimenting the President on his moving performance as a leader immediately following September 11th. He then proceeded to lament the total loss of that unity to the worst partisan & ideological bickering he had ever seen in government. He pledged to do all he could to work with all sides of the political spectrum, in order to rebuild the unity that is now but a faint memory.

For his part, Mr. Bush bragged about working with Ted Kennedy on Education, and simply nitpicked about special interests governing Washington. He claimed that Congress — and by implication, America — had ALWAYS suffered disunity. He made no promise to solve the problem in any way. He didn’t seem to think there WAS a problem.

That just about sums up the Bush Administration, don’t you think…?